Lisa Skye: Spiders Wearing Party Hats

4 stars

Storytelling doesn’t have to be entirely relatable and anyone who claims they can relate to every single element of Lisa Skye’s show is probably lying. Either that, or they’re actually Skye wearing a fake moustache in an attempt to trick you.

Skye, ultimately, is accepting. Of herself and her lovingly, painstakingly hand-crafted look. Of others, including people so plain and uncomplicated that they are reduced to a bump in an egg-shell coloured bedsheet. Of perhaps everything, other than a particular decade of popular music.

Image courtesy of Lisa Skye

Image courtesy of Lisa Skye

As a performer, Skye is entirely refreshing. She is unique in her ability to switch between so many different, and quite disparate, elements of her personality. This is typified by the variably gendered pronouns she refers to herself with, and in the riotous and diverse self-descriptions she delivers as rapid fire volleys of comedic self-deprecation.

Occasionally she’ll erupt in a squeak of laughter that she suppresses, almost folding her face in on itself before pausing a moment and continuing with the tale. Skye dominates the stage - but not only the stage - and isn’t afraid to leap into a sidebar as it pops into her head, joyful to grab the opportunity and see where it goes.

Whether it stays on script or not, Spiders Wearing Party Hats is a show filled with wide-ranging stories. From long-haul flights to polyamory, and adventurous pastimes to endearing domestic scenes, this hour of storytelling is unique and captivating.

The journal entries Skye reads are both an incredibly effective pacing device and an open book into her emotional challenges. At its core, this is a show about love and acceptance. It’s a richly told tale that, despite the trappings of eccentricity, pulls at a familiar heartstring.

Spiders Wearing Party Hats is a truly touching show and, while her audience is recovering from the psychotropic storytelling in which she has no equal, Skye slips the stiletto of pathos in with brilliant effect.

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