What'S this all about, then?

This is Gutter Culture.


Well, not just this. This isn't a whole site about two Pepsi-swilling buskers and their dogs on the streets of Toronto. That would be a great site, but this isn't that site. Maybe you should go find that site and let us know about it.

Culture isn't just a high society thing. It's not just art galleries, elegant soirees and lavish Broadway productions. It's also the weird, the wonderful, the trashy, the clumsy, the ramshackle, and the roughly-hewn carvings of a post-literate society. It's the grossest domestic product a community has to offer.

Here at Gutter Culture we are dedicated to investigating these cultural offerings and reporting back to you. It's not just about the "low culture" stuff either. There aren't any limits.

If you think hard enough about it, Gutter Culture is everything. Those artists whose works grace the walls of the finest galleries? They mixed their watercolours with storm drain run-off. After every high society gathering there are flocks of literati vomiting their sous vide wagyu fillet medallions into the streets due to one too many artisinal tinctures. The star of that play that spent fifteen straight months on Broadway ends every night with a bottle of cheap bourbon and a fist full of barbiturates in - yes, you've guessed it - the gutter. 

So here at Gutter Culture, you'll find reviews, features, listicles, interviews and opinions.

Quite a few opinions, many of them held rather strongly.