Inimitable Chemistry: Almost Lesbians

4 ½ stars

There are plenty of shows that attempt to deconstruct something, but there aren’t many that simultaneously deconstruct themselves and their socio-cultural context.

In Almost Lesbians, Sophie Joske and Anna Piper Scott set out to achieve a surprising number of goals, but conforming to patriarchal narratives isn’t one of them. In fact, they don’t conform to much at all, which makes this comedic, theatrical, and genre blending performance all the more powerful.

Image courtesy of Jamie Breen

Image courtesy of Jamie Breen

As we're carried away by their madcap mashup of genres, shrewd social commentary and riotous parodies of ‘high art’, the duo’s inimitable chemistry stands out. They perfectly complement each other while rarely agreeing.

Joske is a powerhouse of high-energy physical comedy with a range of facial expressions that has us losing ourselves in laughter within moments, while Scott is the doyenne of derisive humour whose ability to connect with the audience is remarkable.

Scott’s feigned disinterest in Joske's exaggerated commitment to the bit is also spectacular.

The relentless pace of this show is a highlight and the combination of physical comedy, satire, and a strong desire to see the audience go on a complete emotional journey compounds the hilarity so much that there's barely a moment without laughter surging through the room.

As the two lip-sync, dance, and characterise the socially constructed behaviours of male and female genders in devastatingly accurate but hilarious ways, they illustrate that fitting into a category just because it’s there is utterly ludicrous.

Weaving subversive humour with the type of silly puns that induce eye-rolls and disbelieving chuckles from the crowd, Joske and Scott create something that’s incomparable to anything else we've seen.  

These performers have one of those rare comedic pairings that makes their collaborative work almost electric. They don’t get in each other’s way. Instead, they bring out the best in each other and create an energy in the room that is so intoxicating, you’ll want to see the show again.

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