Matt Kilpa: Songs in the Key of Awesomesauce

3 ½  stars

Science, dick jokes, politics, pop parodies, and improvised rap. This is just the beginning when it comes to Matt Kilpa’s show.

No topics or genres are off limits as our host, with guitar in hand, introduces us to his world from the well-worn stage of Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den.

Image courtesy of Matt Kilpa

Image courtesy of Matt Kilpa

Kilpa predominantly performs his own original tunes, but occasionally riffs on hits and nostalgia-inducing TV themes to great effect. His songs are clever and catchy, and he bridges them with entertaining anecdotes told in such a natural storytelling style that it feels like he’s just having a great chat with mates.

The opening night audience was rather small, which lead to an initially stilted atmosphere, but Kilpa’s genuine and charismatic demeanor soon warmed things up. He even deftly managed the extremely drunk, slightly disruptive group in the front row.

Once firmly into the flow of the show, Kilpa had everyone in stitches. His songs and stories took us on a journey through his life, including his first ever stand up gig, which was - coincidentally enough - also at Lazy Susan’s.

Closing the show with one of his earliest songs, a somewhat raucous and juvenile number, Kilpa illustrated his evolution as a performer in a way that we could all appreciate.

When truly hitting his stride in Songs in the Key of Awesomesauce, Kilpa wears his nerdiness proudly on his sleeve. He mixes together clever concepts and low brow jokes with genuinely hilarious results.

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