Lose Yourself in Laughter: Garry Starr Performs Everything

5 Stars

If there’s one man guaranteed to have a packed house in hysterics, it’s Garry Starr.

Segueing seamlessly from hilarious skits of tragedy, farce, slapstick and more, Starr (played by Damien Warren-Smith) is here to save theatre from inevitable extinction—you’ll be ecstatic to go along for the ride.

Image courtesy of Joseph Till

Image courtesy of Joseph Till

In his defiance of critics and hatred of Shakespeare, Starr rampages through an array of theatrical genres in this jam-packed hour of comedy, clowning, and interpretative dance (yes, really).

Action-packed sequences feature such props as ballet tights, pool noodles, grapes, and a bongo drum—all suitably accompanied by Starr’s eccentric Shakespearean garb and signature fuzzy hairstyle. Costuming plays a pivotal role in this production and its utilisation, or humorous lack thereof, works wonderfully to project this speedy plot to its climactic moments.

Starr commands the stage while a special bond forms between audience members, communicating only in outbursts of laughter. Interaction and participation with Starr has hilarious results, elevating this electric one-man show as the crowd becomes a collective, rollicking fit of chuckles and guffaws.

None of this performance would be possible without the obvious skill and stage presence of the captivating Warren-Smith. Experienced in pieces of Shakespeare himself, his clear love of the craft translates so brilliantly within the facade of Starr, helping take the show from a farcical tale about an ego-driven actor to the embodiment of a love letter to theatrical experiences and the plight of performers across the world.

Warren-Smith has gained multiple comedy and theatre awards across the world for this eccentric role which really has to be seen to be appreciated, believed and adored. Run, don’t walk to catch this phenom before tickets sell out.

Tickets available from the FRINGE WORLD website.