A Comedic Step Back in (Musical) Time: Golden Age Girls

4 Stars

No matter your age, Golden Age Girls is a true FRINGE WORLD crowd-pleaser.

A glimpse at the sold-out crowd at His Majesty’s Theatre confirms this, as do the phenomenal talents of the show’s leading ladies, WAAPA Music Theatre graduates Amy Fortnum and Jessica Clancy.

Image courtesy of fringeworld.com.au

Image courtesy of fringeworld.com.au

We are introduced to two frenemies-turned-business partners, Ruth and Irene, who retell moments of their competition in primary school—featuring a hilarious child-like rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”—and explain how they have arrived at their current venture of funeral entertainment.

Though some aspects of the plot appear thin, these two seasoned performers transition with ease from operatic areas and pop renditions to music theatre ballads and cabaret classics.

Special mention must also go to Jackson Griggs (Peter), who not only accompanies the ladies with vibrant flair and confidence, but who sings an absolutely stunning rendition of “Danny Boy”—visibly moving a large portion of the crowd.

This show is a perfect example of the power of cabaret. It’s the music, not plot, that reveals the heart of both the show and its characters. The two solos; “The Girl in 14G” and “Tone Deaf” are particular crowd favourites and the closing number, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, has everyone dancing in their seats.

Golden Age Girls is a really fun and amusing night out, and its leading ladies provide a wonderful snapshot of both local Perth talent, and the future of the Australian music theatre industry.

Tickets available from the FRINGE WORLD website.