A Punderful Exploration of English: Comma Sutra

5 stars

“Who wants to learn some grammar?” Louisa Fitzhardinge exclaims to a surprisingly enthused audience. In her award-winning cabaret Comma Sutra, Louisa Fitzhardinge spins a wonderful tale of her search for love and language in a world so avidly opposed to correct punctuation and spelling.

Keen readers among us, and those prone to proudly editing friends’ conversations in real time, will likely find Comma Sutra is the show they never knew they needed.

Image courtesy of Fates Media

Image courtesy of Fates Media

Fitzhardinge bares her struggles of being a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi and how the Oxford Comma has interfered with her love life, a curse some of us are all too familiar with.

With her musical theatre background, Fitzhardinge tackles Weird Al-esque covers with ease, tangling intricate lyrics together so quickly, one will often miss a punchline before the next one hits them.

The fast-paced delivery and erratic performances are subtle additions to the overall comedy of the piece and the persistent punchlines act as little treasures for keen listeners to find. Her originals are heartfelt and hilarious and each tie in to the literary and linguistic theme effortlessly.

The way Fitzhardinge describes her dream man is such a fantastically comedic concept. “I know one day he’ll come into my life, almost translucently pale after a lifetime of spurning all physical activity.”

Fitzhardinge uses the intimate setting to her advantage, engaging with each audience member through witty lyricism, interactive rhyming and close proximity.

Discover tantalising phrases like ‘cunniliguist’ and fantasise about being faultlessly fluent in every language.

This is a naughty show for naughty nerds. It’s a show for anyone who has spent their nights sneakily reading under the covers. It’s a show for anyone who has become enraged over the misuse of an incorrect your/you’re. It’s a show that assures anyone it meets that ‘alot’ is in fact two words.

Comma Sutra is an exceptional production with immaculate presentation, quick-witted and sharp comedy, a gripping story and breathtaking music. Its grammatical perfection is just an added bonus.

Fitzhardinge’s punchlines persistently stick the landing (figuratively) and leave you in fits of laughter (literally). Comma Sutra demonstrates that there is nothing funnier than the English language. Well, except German.

Tickets available from the FRINGE WORLD website.