Stories that Demand to be Heard: FEMME

4 stars

FEMME is an exploration of what it is to be femme-presenting in a white, cis, hetero dominated industry within a white, cis, hetero dominated society.

Our tickets checked, we are shown in to the gallery space at Paper Mountain, and welcomed to view The Colour of Earth exhibition.This is a collection of photographs featuring women of colour exploring the intersections of racism and sexism, and how they affect individuals.

Image courtesy of FRINGE WORLD

Image courtesy of FRINGE WORLD

Lola Cherry Cola has curated a raw, intimate, and powerful socio-political variety show that offers a range of unique performances concerning sexism and racism in everyday lives.

Opening night featured stories from performers Bella Green, Chelsea Smiles, Iskra Khan, and Jamie Mykaela.

Bella Green shared stories of her work in the sex industry, with commentary about the judgements that have been thrown her way, while Chelsea Smiles’ burlesque exploration of slut shaming, harassment, and assault was particularly unsettling, captivating, and powerful.

From veteran burlesque artist Iskra Khan debuting her stand up by discussing her experience coming out as an immigrant, muslim queer woman to Jamie Mykaela’s poetry about her personal encounters with the inherent sexism and assault in the performance community, the personal content of each piece demands the audience engage with each performer’s experience of oppression.

Lola emcees proceedings with aplomb, never shying away from the challenging content of the performers, yet delivering appropriate trigger warnings for each piece and offering the audience the opportunity to leave without judgement.

FEMME is an empowering exploration of women and non-binary people taking back control of both their bodies and stories, and demanding we hear them.

Tickets available from the FRINGE WORLD website.