A Performance Like No Other: Silence My Ladyhead

4.5 stars

Silence My Ladyhead is unconventional theatre at its intense, captivating, and downright breathtaking best.

Image courtesy of FRINGE WORLD

Image courtesy of FRINGE WORLD

Combining a dark wave post-punk inspired score, the heightened theatricality of drag, a visage of 80s front women, and a generous layer of storytelling Indigo Keane performs an immersive one-woman show beyond compare.

From the moment she slinks across the edge of the stage like a spandex arachnid until she sinks, spent into the corner, the audience is enraptured by Ladyhead.

While the soundtrack thumps like the beat of a heart and a disco ball sets the room spinning, we witness a performance that defies conventional notions of femininity in a way that is utterly satisfying.

Drawing on Greek mythology and incorporating rich symbolism in a dark, dramatic deconstruction this meta show exceeds all expectations.

Ladyhead is the ultimate performer. Presenting herself as the centre of a universe contained entirely within a darkened room, beams of light piercing the blue tinted smoke, she puts on a comeback performance that celebrates female desire and embodies true female power.

The density of the show is astounding, with Keane filling the room like no other performer and dissecting the female archetypes of patriarchal society without reserve.

Subverting and satirising, Silence My Ladyhead throws the common language and expectation applied to women into the spotlight. As the momentum of the show builds, the character’s desperation and momentary breakdown illustrates how acutely these constructs affect female lives.

Indigo Keane, at times edging around the room and at times hurling herself across the floor holds our attention in a stunned and enraptured trance.

This is a high-octane performance that leaves audiences reeling. Keane’s vocal work is exceptional. Utilising a rich variety of techniques, her voice is powerful and awe-inspiring.

Image courtesy of Darren Stapley

Image courtesy of Darren Stapley

As we observe Keane embodying the performer/character dichotomy, and channeling this dynamic with relevance to broader society and the female experience, we are gripped by the stunning and consuming phenomenon that is Silence My Ladyhead.

There is no other show like this. You’ll likely be processing what you’ve seen for days to come, and maybe even reveling in the joy of having a Ladyhead hit trapped in your head.

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