A Musical Must-See: Be More Chill

4.5 stars

If you see one musical this Fringe season, make sure it’s Be More Chill.

Welcomed by an enthusiastic audience following an initial run at the Phoenix Theatre, this energetic and quirky musical is an excellent showcase of some of the best amateur theatre performers in Perth.

Image courtesy of fringeworld.com.au

Image courtesy of fringeworld.com.au

The musical explores a world of possibilities for high schoolers that want popularity – simply take a Squip, which is a pill in the world of this story, and gain yourself an invisible personal assistant (plus a few lessons to learn along the way).

The protagonist, Jeremy, is your average high school ‘loser’ who believes that taking this pill will not only help him be more chill, but also gain the girl of his dreams.

A clear standout of the show is its score, penned by contemporary musical theatre composer Joe Iconis. Each song packs a punch, be it comic or emotional, and titles such as “The Pants Song” and “The Smartphone Hour” make for some very memorable tracks with some particularly brilliant choreography.

The most praise, however, must go to the stellar cast of this show. Special mentions being the brilliant comic timing of Max Conroy’s Mr. Heere, the flawless sass of Shannon Rogers’ Chloe, and the charming earnestness of Charlie Darlington’s Jeremy . The remaining cast members also shine, with each set change, sequence of choreography, and harmony being performed with ease and style.

Be More Chill is a slick production, backed by a first-rate band with exceptional music direction. Besides some hiccups with microphones on opening night, this is a technically sound show that utilises lighting, sound effects, and some electrical costumes to portray a quirky story.

This is the Perth premiere of this groundbreaking musical. With a Broadway production opening in mid-February, this is your chance to get ahead of the curve and memorise the lyrics to this soon-to-be musical theatre hit.

Tickets available from the FRINGE WORLD website.