More Than Words: Thunderc*nt

4 stars

ThunderC*nt is a hilarious and joyous look at how Sharon Mahoney discovered her superpower. The show takes a deep dive into feminism, both through personal experience and how Mahoney sees its role in the emancipation of women and men alike. It is a meticulously researched and nuanced look at the variety of ways inequality is present in society.

Image courtesy of FRINGE WORLD

Image courtesy of FRINGE WORLD

Mahoney’s inviting delivery captured our attention from the beginning, especially that of the good sport in the front row that became the centre of her own, and she keeps it for the hour with her honest and direct storytelling.

We are treated to personal anecdotes, both from her own life and those of her matrilineal ancestors.

The show moves from personal tales of Suffragettes and women surviving the Great Depression to being inspired by female superheroes. Deftly woven in are real world examples of the propaganda that continues to be used in various ways, from advertising to stories for children.

We came away with a deeper understanding of a multitude of inequalities that are still enforced by society at large.

Mahoney does not shy away from bold language choices and discussion of how words can be used to reinforce or challenge expectations. Contrasting the national attitudes of Australians and her Canadian countrymen, she asks us to question why c*nt has the power to make us cringe, why it is considered to be so offensive.

Whether the word induces a physical response or is a staple in your vocabulary, Mahoney’s entertainingly erudite explanation of the Ancient Greek origin of the word will make you view the language of female reproductive anatomy in a new light.

The show’s energy steadily built over the hour, carrying us all along with it, culminating in the audience enthusiastically participating in a singing, dancing act of rebellion.

Challenge yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and see ThunderC*nt.

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