Cristina Lark: Caution - Deadline Ahead (A Comedy About Procrastination)

3 stars

Rushing onto the stage after leaving things far too late, Cristina Lark presents an intensely relatable show, much to the mirth and amusement of her audience.

Image courtesy of FRINGE WORLD

Image courtesy of FRINGE WORLD

We've all delayed working on something important. We may have procrastinated over writing this review, such was the degree to which this show resonated with us.

It is a particularly strong and effective premise for this meta show. Despite the - real or assumed - lack of preparation, Lark's material is hugely entertaining. The overall structure of the show demonstrates a keen understanding of comedic devices, supplemented by some subtly effective physical comedy work. Her use of metaphor and simile is sublime, frequently hitting the mark.

One element of her application, at times, lets the show down. The relentless pace of Lark's delivery lets a few hilarious punchlines slide away from the audience, carried further into the frantic drive of the show.

This is a great example of the pitfalls of procrastination. The furious, double time work required when you've let something slide is epitomised by Lark's delivery which bubbles over, constantly presenting new concepts but rarely slowing enough to allow her audience time to chew.

Lark presents as a wonderful embodiment of the under-prepared performer, with her malleable facial expressions and wild gesticulations ably accompanied by wide eyes, staring out at the audience to punctuate her jokes.

There's a little material towards the end that she admits hasn't been in the show previously, and while fantastic as a stand alone bit, does feel a little tacked on in the wider context of the performance.

It finishes on a triumphant note and Lark’s refreshing comedic skills carry it through to a brilliant conclusion.

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