Lilting Wonder in Poetic Storytelling: Wil Greenway - Either Side of Everything

5 stars

Wil Greenway’s ability to entrance an audience is unparalleled. During his latest show, we are held, fixed in place by the sparkle behind his eyes as his voice rolls over us, transporting us into the interconnected moments that form the story.

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Either Side of Everything features more developed elements of performance poetry than previous works, blending into and framing conversational storytelling.

Everything that spills forth from his bearded lips has Greenway's unmatched cadence and delivery, but his wielding of poetic techniques during several set pieces takes the performance to a new level with stunning emotional impact.

This is one story, and many stories, intertwined and woven together in a way that leaves a lasting impact.

The audience sits spellbound by this literary wizard for an hour as his words craft worlds that are amazingly rich, despite only ever being introduced through tiny fragments.

As the barefoot poet stands, at times awash with light and at others illuminated in a single spot, creating entire universes that spin around singular moments, we experience a refined performance that’s beyond compare. There’s a little ambient music, sparsely seasoned with voice over, but ultimately, this is a show that comes purely from the performer’s delivery.

Like the lives of which he speaks, Greenway’s show is funny and sad and hopeful. As we jump from story to story he occasionally pulls us back out, re-entering the real world of the theatre in which we sit. It’s a useful technique, and serves only to empower each story once we return.

At each junction of the story, Greenway defines the boundaries of the scene and settles the audience in, or back in, to events.

We step out of the theatre, into a still warm summer night, and our heads are swimming and spinning with the emotional truths Greenway has called forth.

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