A Barrel of Laughs: Impromptunes - The Completely Improvised Musical

4.5 stars

There’s a clear reason why this show is in its sixth return to FRINGE WORLD.

The premise is simple: each night the cast of Impromptunes will perform an entirely improvised musical that will have its premiere, opening and closing night all at once.

Image courtesy of Ange Leggas

Image courtesy of Ange Leggas

Within the improvised show, tributes are paid to traditional conventions of musical theatre including a sweeping overture, entr’acte, a love triangle, and jazz hands. But there is a twist – the title of the show is up to its audience.

Host Hollie James is quick to mention some of her personal favourite titles from over the years. They range from Kmart Goes Crazy! to Death of a Vegan. This time around, one particularly vocal audience member was quick to suggest the title of Bunnings Sausages, which paved the way for an hour of hilarity and lightning-quick improvisation.

Ably accompanied by Joshua James Webb, this cast of seasoned performers are trained to spring into action (and into scenes) at a moment’s notice and did so at last night’s performance with some hilarious results.

We were introduced to Rosalie and Emily, twin sisters operating the farmer’s market who had some stark competition from Shazza and Todd flipping bat-filled Bunnings snags. Throw in a hilariously climactic scene at a vegan restaurant and some sexual innuendo involving the sausages in question, and the audience were in stitches.

This extremely talented cast are showing no signs of slowing, returning each year with fresh faces and the enthusiasm required to succeed at such an ambitious undertaking. Each show will allow different cast members a moment in the spotlight (and in the hosting role), so it’s truly a night for audiences to sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained.

Every show is completely different, so if you’ve got the perfect title in your arsenal, Impromptunes will be waiting for you at the Circus Theatre until 27 January.

Tickets available from the FRINGE WORLD website.