The Perfect Climax: Little Death Club

4 stars

Little Death Club, a show offering a rotating lineup of the strangest people you're likely to see gracing a stage, is a fantastic way to close an evening at FRINGE WORLD.

Our host, Bernie Dieter, is a remarkable performer. Clad in a black jumpsuit with outrageous feathered shoulders, hair styled in a sharply cut black bob, she stalks the stage and the audience like a predatory reptilian Dionysian goddess.

Image courtesy of Dead Man Label and Ayesha Hussian

Image courtesy of Dead Man Label and Ayesha Hussian

Unashamedly sexual, she’ll work the crowd with an assured grace reminiscent of the finest sultry stars of years gone by. Homing in on a fortunate few, she’ll have her way with them before riding them back on stage to start the show proper. Dieter’s songs are things of wonder, ribald and joyous, and worth the price of admission alone.

But, of course, Bernie is also there to introduce her guests. On opening night, we were variously thrilled and entertained by Leah Shelton, Gingzilla, Kelly-Ann Doll, and Marcel Lucont. It was a fantastic lineup and for those who weren't familiar with their individual acts, a demonstration of their significant talents.

The performance was delayed on that night - ever so delayed - by power issues, but Bernie and the towering, red-curled and red-bearded Gingzilla worked the crowd as a way to keep both parties warmed up.

As the name suggests, Little Death Club is an orgasmic feast of revelry that will have you laughing, breathless in your seat, as you experience a shared moment of fulfillment.

Tickets available from the FRINGE WORLD website.