You want to know more about The Dark Room.


4 ½ stars

You need to know that there is the very real possibility that, during this show, you will die.

After four million YouTube hits and sold out shows since its live-action inception in 2012, John Robertson brings The Dark Room, to Perth audiences. This twisted live-action text adventure game promises a riotous hour during which Robertson variously leers at, cajoles, and tortures the crowd as they navigate the digital confines of the titular room.

Our host stalks the stage, clad in a cyberpunk costume, with his blond locks hanging down around his highly malleable face. He’s a 1970s science fiction illustration come to life, leaping off the page of any number of Warhammer 40K manuals.

Members of the audience are plucked, entirely not at random, to select from up to four options and try to escape the dark room. Robertson narrates their futile attempts to escape with unbridled savagery and enthusiasm, occasionally pulling his head back in shock and glee at the choices made.

It’s easy to see that Robertson has a deep love of early gaming nostalgia, but the show doesn’t rely on the audience sharing that love to appreciate the humour. Sure, you’ll get a few more of his references if you do, but the first night’s performance - with the audience ranging from a septuagenarian to a particularly unfortunate tween - was proof that there are vast quantities of fun to have regardless.

Robertson is clearly having an enormously fun time with this show, and you will too.


Tickets available from the FRINGE WORLD website.